Crebs Vof Head office:

Provinciale baan 85

9200 Dendermonde


VAT: BE 0841 871 314

Company number: 841 871 314



BIJOUORIENTAL catalog is valid until 30-09-2021. Delivery lasts as long as there are supplies . The copyright of BIJOUORIENTAL has all rights reserved. BIJOUORIENTAL can not be held responsible for printing errors. 

The package is presented by La Poste to your address. Alternatively, the package can be dropped  to your work, or to another address. If you are absent, a notice will be left in your letterbox. Don’t worry, the packaging will be sent under plain cover.

Be sure to check if the item has not been damaged or opened. In this case, refuse to accept it and indicate the problem to the Post Office. The package will be delivered within a period of 2 to 7 working days and 15 working days to faraway  destinations .

Payment for sendings

In Belgium or another Benelux country, the total expenses for sending and packing-up are € 6.95 .

For parcels to France, Germany and the UK, the total expenses  add up to € 8.

To Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the expenses are € 14.95.

To other parts of the world, it is € 24.95.

There are no costs for orders from 75 €.

Normally, all items are delivered from stock. It could happen that an item is sold out. Then we will inform you  as soon as possible.


Return of a parcel

The expiry date is always later than the  period of reflection  granted , that is to say 14 working days from the day after the delivery. If the customer keeps the items he tested out  for more than 14 working days , it will be considered he bought the articles.

In order to exercise the right of renunciation - if  applicable - the customer must return the items in their original state and in their original packaging, within the period provided by law; the cost of return is to the customer. If  the product contains more than one element, for example, a necklace, a bracelet and earrings forming an ornament, all the pieces of  the ornament must be returned. Mail  us your wish to return the parcel. You must return the item properly packed and sufficiently stamped at the following address:

Peter Guns

Provinciale baan 85



If you want a repayment or exchange, BIJOUORIENTAL will repay the full amount of the product, with the exclusion of postage costs and packaging, within 14 days after delivery of the returned parcel.

Jewelry and accessories sold by BIJOUORIENTAL can be returned on the basis of the  waiver clause, on condition not  to be worn and being in perfect state. The items must be returned in their initial state and in their original packaging .

If an item has a technical failure during the delivery, you can contact our customer service for its free replacement.



You can pay the amount due as following:

Using credit cards such as  Mister Cash / Bancontact and others:

You can use all the cards such as VISA, MasterCard or Maestro, credit card, Mister  cash/ Bancontact and other cards shown in the method of payment.

Payment can also be made by bank transfer or Western Union. 

BIJOUORIENTAL reserves the right to check the validity of your card, the solvency of your account, and the validity of your invoicing address. Any violation will be automatically reported to the public prosecutor.

As long as the purchase price is not fully paid, the items remain our property and the customer cannot use it. Whoever illegally  misappropriated, dissipated to the detriment of others, effects, money, goods, tickets, receipts, writings of any kind containing or operating obligation or discharge and that had been donated to the condition to give them back or to use them for a specific use, shall be punished by imprisonment from one month to five years and penalized from € 0.64 to € 12.40 (x200 + surcharge included). The guilty person could be sentenced to the ban, in accordance with Article 33 (Article 491 of the Criminal Code).

In case of dispute or fraudulent use, the credit card holder must leave a claim within 70 days from the date of contesting so that the dispute can be   accepted . Later than this limit, no claim will be accepted. The holder is required to lodge a complaint to the legal authority within the same period.

Department of Legal and Administrative Information - (Article L. 132-6 of the Monetary and Financial Code.)

Orders and purchases

Orders may be refused, without resort or compensation.  Partially made orders must be payed  as planned to the part already provided. In case of non-payment, we are entitled to suspend all further deliveries until the customer has fulfilled his payment obligations. The customer must  immediately contact us  and write us to communicate  any change of address.

The customer is supposed to live at the last address he has given in his writing and must  be aware of any written documents which are sent to this address. He is responsible for the loss and damage of products after delivery. The products are transported at the risk of the purchaser.

Pictures are not contractual

The items we sell are described and presented on this site with the greatest possible accuracy. If, despite all our precautions, an error occurred on this site, we cannot, in any case, be held for responsible. All operations between BIJOUORIENTAL and its customers, not contested within 7 days from the date of delivery will not give rise to a claim.


In some cases of non-availability of the item ordered, BIJOUORIENTAL can offer you a replacement item of equal or superior quality at an equal  or lower price.  It is always possible to  return the replacement item for exchange or repayment if you are not satisfied. In this case, the costs related to the return will be repaid as soon as we received the goods, based on the current price of the Post Office.

Personal data

Your security and privacy are close to our heart. All information collected is for internal use so we can handle your order, keep the customer file up to date or  allow our company or a third party  to send you offers. BIJOUORIENTAL does not provide information to third parties, which may be harmful to your privacy. If you want to correct your data or defend communication  of your address to third parties, you can write us and let us know.

BIJOUORIENTAL is never in possession of your credit card or confidential details.

When ordering, you fully  agree  with the terms of delivery and / or payment. BIJOUORIENTAL reserves the right to change the terms of delivery and / or payment after  the validity expiry   of a catalogue.